Before adopting or purchasing a new dog,
picture your life in 10-years from now. Do you
want to marry, have children, move to a
smaller house, take on more professional
responsibility, or make other big changes?
Please think about how the dog will fit
into your life then.
                  -PupeLuv Rescue
Our Featured Pet
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Mufasa Adopted!

The mother was a lab/rottweiler mix and
dad was a purebred brindle-colored boxer.
He was brought into rescue at the age of
4.5 weeks. He has grown up into a
beautiful boy weighing around 85#. He
currently resides in an apartment on the
lake where he chases the swans and the
ducks all day long. He is a playful guy with
a wonderful personality. He has really
helped as a coping mechanism for his
owner. We refer to him as a "furry"

Koda Adopted!

Koda was adopted by his new family at 8
weeks of age. This was the first dog the
family has owned, since children have
been a part of their lives. Koda is doing
realwell according to the owners. He is
learning his yard boundaries. On
occassion, he will wander into the wooded
area of their lot. They plan on installing an
invisible fence this spring 2005 to keep
him safe. This was a happy ending for a
pup who was left in the cold to die.
Updated 3/3/06: All is great here --Koda is
big now -- and a great dog! Fully house
trained and no chewing anymore! We love

Our featured pet is Oreo.
Updated 03/13/2008: Oreo
is an 11-week old french
bulldog that we rescued
from the mill on 02/11/2008.
He weighs around 12#. This
little boy is a pathetic
example of the breed in
terms of looks. It is really
sad what these idiots are
breeding in these mills and
they all need to be
shut down!
Oreo is as sweet as a
cookie and will melt your
heart. He has a
phenomenal disposition
with humans and dogs. He
is laying on my lap as I type
his profile snorting away. He
LOVES to be held and
kissed on the snout
between his crossed-eyes.
He has one ear trying to
stand up and the other is
floppy. Im not sure if both
ears will stand-up like a
bat or not.  
I guess only time will tell.
Featured Pet
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